The founder story

The Dc creation was created to solve a problem., I traveled to India every quarter for five years to meet with clients from various industries. Whenever I went to a client meeting, I couldn’t find anything to wear as a 5’8″ woman! This need, combined with my interest in fashion, motivated me to launch The dc creation. We at Dc creation believe in the power of women. We are a company created by women for women, and 90% of our employees (including our production employees) are women, which I am delighted about. Every day we encounter a wide range of experiences with our production team sitting just across from us. Every Saturday, we see women from our production team coming to work after school to finish their assignments or even help their mothers. Every time I see those little eyes light up, I see hope. Through our efforts, we can help women pursue their dreams

When women are helped, society is changed; you give them self-confidence and empowerment – the very essence of pashmina. is all about. We all evolve and change with time, and this brand has as well. There’s a pressing need for all of us to be environmentally conscious. Our garments are thoughtful, right down to the materials and design. Our team and I personally test every prototype before it goes into production. As women, we know what we need from our clothing, and we design them just for you! We talk to our customers and love hearing from them. Please feel free to contact us at Divya@ Dc creation with any comments or complaints. We enjoy working and living with people. We believe that entrepreneurs should share their knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs. From sourcing fabrics directly from weavers to being a part of this entrepreneurial community, we want to contribute everything we can.

Entrepreneurs should help one another and contribute to a better future for India, in my view. Let’s build up each other rather than tear each other down. In return for purchasing an August Co. product, we donate to a program for disadvantaged young ladies. This is one of the things that define our company’s character. We don’t push this point hard, but it does matter. Instead, buy local.

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